Telegraf playground

Telegraf is an agent for collecting metrics and writing them into InfluxDB or other possible outputs.

In this playground, you've got Telegraf and InfluxDB already installed and configured.


The configuration file is located at /etc/telegraf/telegraf.conf. It enables several inputs such as cpu and mem that read metrics about the system’s cpu and memory usage. It also specifies InfluxDB as the desired output.

You can view and edit the config using nano or vim:

nano /etc/telegraf/telegraf.conf

How to use it

Run a single collection of metrics and print them to stdout:

telegraf --test

Collect metrics only from cpu and mem inputs and print them to stdout:

telegraf --input-filter cpu:mem --test

Start the Telegraf service

sudo service telegraf start

Once Telegraf is up and running, it will start collecting metrics and writing them to the local InfluxDB every 10 seconds.

You can check Telegraf and InfluxDB logs at /var/log/telegraf/telegraf.log and /var/log/influxdb/influxd.log respectively.

Explore metrics in InfluxDB

Enter the interactive InfluxDB shell and connect to the telegraf database:

influx -database telegraf

Once in the InfluxDB shell, list all measurements in the database:

name: measurements

List all field keys by measurement:

name: cpu
fieldKey         fieldType
--------         ---------
usage_guest      float
usage_guest_nice float
usage_idle       float
usage_iowait     float
usage_irq        float
usage_nice       float
usage_softirq    float
usage_steal      float
usage_system     float
usage_user       float

Select a data sample in the field usage_idle in the measurement cpu:

> SELECT usage_idle FROM cpu WHERE cpu = 'cpu-total' LIMIT 5
name: cpu
time                usage_idle
----                ----------
1555419650000000000 99.74840657497393
1555419660000000000 99.83283182882222
1555419670000000000 99.81608426684404
1555419680000000000 99.81602274627767
1555419690000000000 99.71576659421494

That’s it! You now have the foundation for using Telegraf to collect metrics and write them to your output of choice.

What's next?

You can explore the official Telegraf documentation and check available input and output plugins.

You can also improve this playground or create your own. Please send a PR or open an issue in